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Posted in Watches by AlvinAllistar on 10 juni 2010

Just added..

Searching for a brand new 16600 in this period is pretty hard so i decided to look out for a 2nd hand..

And yes! .. this Seadweller is from 2009 (NL) complete with tags and booklets..

The SeaDweller was one of the first watches to have a water resistance/proof rating measuring in thousands of feet as well as being the first “co-branded” watch. Rolex created the SeaDweller in consultation with Compagnie Martime d’Expertise (COMEX) on the development of deep-sea diving watches. Comex is a world renounced underwater exploration firm who issued a COMEX Rolex to their divers. In November, 1967, Rolex received a Swiss patent for the distinguishing helium escape valve for use in decompression chambers. The development of the helium escape valve was originally on No-Date Submariners (model 5513’s). In 1975, six COMEX divers coordinate their decent using SeaDwellers reaching a human record depth of 1,070 feet. The partnership with COMEX created one of the heaviest and thickest stainless steel watch in the Rolex line. The watch was initially introduced in 1971 as the SeaDweller 2000 and upgraded in 1980 as the SeaDweller 4000. Rolex continued its relationship with COMEX in the development of Rolex’s DeepSea.

(click for full size)


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