Electric Sound Bell

Posted in Gadgets by AlvinAllistar on 28 juni 2010

An astonishing new device is set to shake up the world of cycling, and to make the road a safer place. The bicycle accessory is called the “Electric Sound Bell” and comes from a forward-thinking company called QBell. It mounts on your handlebars and – at the push of a button – it will sing out a warning to pedestrians and other road users, enabling them to smilingly get out of your way as you slowly pedal through town.

This miraculous invention requires just 2 AA batteries to do its work, and the four different “ringtones” can be trilled at any of three volume levels. We recommend starting low so as not to startle strolling citizens, as at full volume it is capable of a swoon-inducing 110 dB. It is even waterproof, to keep you safe in a passing shower.


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