Ikepod Watches

Posted in Watches by AlvinAllistar on 17 juli 2010

The Ikepod Watch Company, a Switzerland-based watch company, has made its priority to remain faithful to modern design and traditional values of manufacture. Ikepod was established in 1994 by Oliver Ike and Marc Newson and has given the world its matchless design and innovative suggestions. Its timepieces reflect innovative as well as timeless design ideas and traditional Swiss devotion to technically advanced mechanisms. Ikepod produces high quality mechanical wrist-watches in limited numbers. Marc Newson is one of the most prominent designers, who agreed to create watch designs for the company’s exclusive collections.

The company has produced a wide range of collections, the most special of which are Hemipode, Isopode, Megapode and Manatee. The Seaslug represents a diving watch; the Isopode and the Hémipode are chronographs; the Megapode has been created for pilots; the Seaslug performs as an alarm watch; the Manatee has become Ikepod’s first rectangular watch, destined for the world travelers.

All movements are finished in-house by Ikepod. The brand aims at the continuous developing of the process. The Ikepod movement, the new automatic flying Tourbillon, launched in November 2000, has become really appreciated in the world of watch-making.

Prestigious watch and jewelry shops of more than 40 countries in the world feature Ikepod watches as the bestsellers of all times.

The Ikepod Company has been continuously introducing new ideas into the area of watch design. The Ikepod wristwatches feature the organically shaped pod hands, no-lugs cases, the neutrals of silver and black offset and often embellished by neon vivid colors.

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