The Magnificent Three

Posted in Photography, Watches by AlvinAllistar on 29 september 2010

Last year wasn’t easy for me.. Which choices do I have to make.. Do what? Do this! Stop working go back to academy..

There is one thing I never stop.. A big hobby called Watches!

I always dreamed of a Rolex Watch.. But it was way to expensive and some think it got a bad imago.

No! I started discovering.. The old materials used in vintage watches or the new improved things in the current.

Yes I love both but what the most? Vintage or New?

If I see some guys and their knowledge about Rolex I think I’m just a newbie.. But hey.. I just started to explore the big world called watches!

The Magnificent Three.

(click for high res.)

The 16800 Submariner 1987

The 16600 Seadweller 2009

The 116710LN GMT Master 2 2010

The 16800: tritium, quickset date, serviced in 2006

The 16600, 1220m, gas escape valve, unpolished from 2009

The 116710 LN, Ceramic bezel, 24hour hand, super luminova, polished and brushed oysterlock bracelet

The Magnificent Three.


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