The Samsung SP H03 mini beamer

Posted in Gadgets by AlvinAllistar on 27 april 2011

What a great gadget!

” At 7½ ounces and 2¾” square, this is the smallest 30-lumen pico projector on the market. This projector is made for hallway conversations and small meetings that can now include a projection experience. It is perfect for “show and tell” sessions with photos, video clips, and short business documents pre-stored in internal memory. Full-length movies will exceed battery time, but the AC adapter solves that issue, so now you can watch “Train Spotting” or some other favorite in the comfort of your hotel room with an image larger than your laptop’s screen.

The SP-H03 fits easily in the palm of your hand. Mini cable adapters connect composite video and VGA computer sources, and a USB adapter handles memory sticks. Top that off with 1 GB of internal memory, a microSD slot, and a price around the 220 euro, and you have a potent little projector for intimate settings.

Like most picos, the SP-H03 uses mini connectors and cable adapters to connect external sources. A general-purpose connector accommodates an included VGA adapter, a mini phone jack connects an adapter that fans out to three RCA females for composite video, and a mini USB adapter cable provides a full-size female USB connector for memory sticks. Component video is connected via a Y/PB/PR-to-VGA adapter cable

Simply drag and drop on a micro sd and go!

On power-up, the SP-H03 presents an Input Source menu where you can select AV for video, PC for computer, and memory sources such as internal, USB, and microSD. Within the memory categories, you can choose Documents, Videos, Photos, and Music. The memory limit for USB memories is 16GB, and for microSD cards, it is 32GB.

Yeah this is a real must-have.. still dont know really why.. but the same story as the iPad which im very happy with


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  1. Marissa Gemmeken said, on 28 april 2011 at 12:11 pm

    Woow,, das echt super vet!!

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