3D Doodler!

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Collect Sounds Like Fireflies in the ‘Re: Sound Bottle,’ a Device that Creates Your Own Personal Soundtrack

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bottle-1he Re: Sound Bottle is the audio equivalent of running around in a field in the summer collecting fireflies in a jar. Designed by Jun Fujiwara from Tama Art University, the bottle is simple in its usage but absurdly complex in its design which relies heavily on software to handle the recording, storing, and playback of audio tracks. To use it you simply uncork the device and if sound is present it immediately snaps into recording mode. As you record more individual sounds, an audio database is formed and tracks are automatically selected to create rhythmic tracks, essentially like a miniature robot DJ in a jar. To listen, you again uncork the top and wait for your personal soundtrack to play. Jun says he hopes the Re: Sound Bottle (still just a concept) will help people interact more directly with music by recording the audio from their daily life. The bottle won a special judge’s prize at the 2012 Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Awards earlier this year.


Out of the box. Project Analog vs Digital

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This is a new project i was working on during the last 2 months.

Make something out of something with a message.

Ive got back from where it all started. Normally designers did everything with pencils, markers, paint etc etc. And actually the computer destroyed it all.

it’s still there, but where all used more to our computers. But don’t forget where it all started..

Laptop Art

Broken macbook

And the final picture!

Destroyed macbook

Button cable holder

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The button has been reinvented to suit a more modern lifestyle where we always have our earbuds around our necks. Button 2.0 keeps your shirt closed and holds your earbud cord in place. Works with any cord 2mm in diameter.


Huey the Color Copying Chameleon Lamp

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Huey is an electronic glowing chameleon lamp that dynamically matches the color of whatever he sits on. Have a favorite green notebook? Plop Huey down on top and he matches the color with his glowing skin. Just painted your room Cerulean Blue? Hold Huey against the wall, then squeeze him gently and he’ll hold the color, even if you put him down on your brown nightstand. Huey even has a color cycle mode if you’re indecisive. Watch him pop from color to color and give him a little reassuring squeeze when he gets to the one you like. Huey the Color Copying Chameleon Lamp makes an adorable addition to your wee geeks room, but he’s a great friend to anyone who loves color.


How does Huey do it? Well, he lights the surface underneath him with two hidden white LEDs then uses a sophisticated optical sensor to determine the correct color. He then matches this color by adjusting the shade of numerous multi-color LED’s imbedded in his body. Huey is truly a toy of the future. Five years ago the color sensing technology he uses was too expensive for consumer products and was featured mainly in scientific measuring devices. Now you can leverage this cool tech for your own frivolous pleasure and ThinkGeek is proud to assist you in your noble quest.

Dominic Wilcox GPS shoes

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UK-based designer Dominic Wilcox’s latest project, aptly titled “There’s No Place Like Home” GPS shoes go where no man has gone before! To the future.

GPS Shoes Take You Where You Want to Go by Dominic Wilcox

Imagine a pair of shoes that can navigate you to your final destination. Commissioned by Global Footprint, a Northamptonshire-based visual arts and living heritage programme, Wilcox decided he wanted “to make a pair of shoes that can navigate you to anywhere you wish to travel to. I thought about the Wizard of Oz and how Dorothy could click her shoes together to go home.”

GPS Shoes Take You Where You Want to Go by Dominic Wilcox

GPS Shoes Take You Where You Want to Go by Dominic Wilcox

Working with interactive arts and technology expert Becky Stewart and local Northampton shoe maker Stamp Shoes, Wilcox came up with a working prototype that functions so: You upload your destination to the shoes via a piece of custom made mapping software and a USB cable. You activate the GPS (located in the left heel) via a heel click. The data from the GPS wirelessly communicates with the right shoe, which shows the progress made on a row of lights. Your shoes point you to your destination.

GPS Shoes Take You Where You Want to Go by Dominic Wilcox

GPS Shoes Take You Where You Want to Go by Dominic Wilcox

Check it out!

Venus of Cupertino

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The Venus of Cupertino is a sculptural docking station inspired by the curvaceous forms and symbolism of ancient Venus figurines – she is a fertility goddess for the technology age.

Each Venus is hand-cast in museum-quality resin and is a fully functional iPad docking station. Her hands gently guide any second or third generation iPad onto a charger inconspicuously located in her midriff. A USB cable emerges from a number of points under the sculpture and fits any standard USB port or Apple power adapter for syncing or charging. The charging cable and connector are fully changeable in order to future-proof the docking station against updates to Apple’s iPad connectors.

DESIGNER: Scott Eaton
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Traffic light pong!

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Some cool iPad mods!

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iPad + Velcro!

Why don’t you add some legs to your ipad?

Ode to the Classic mac!

And if you really feel like wasting money

One Click Butter

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One Click Butter Cutter


Easily load a complete stick of butter (or margarine) and store it in the refrigerator. The One Click Butter Cutter takes less space than conventional butter dishes and stays clean. When you need a slice, a simple click will do. 4 clicks and you get a table spoon. It is durable, easy to use, dishwasher safe and will save you time.

Buy it Here.