Vapona Insecticide

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Kobe Bryant vs. Lionel Messi

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Kobe Bryant vs. Lionel Messi

Turkish Airlines declares itself “Europe’s Best Airline” with a brand new commercial about flying with the best starring Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi and the lucky kid whose affections the two sporting superstars vie for. This ad seems uncannily timely, because Kobe just entered the 30,000-point club on Wednesday while Messi attempts to break former German great Gerd Müller’s single calendar record of 85 goals — something potentially put into jeopardy after limping off with an injury recently. Within the video, the two attempt to top one another in hopes of providing an autograph for a young fan.

Andrew Osokin

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Andrew Osokin

We’re all familiar with the most common shapes of ice: snow flakes, icicles, snowmen, cookie dough ice cream. But break out the macro lens and suddenly we’re in unfamiliar territory as ice branches out, curls in on itself, and grows in shapes that look more like the delicate leaves of ferns than solid cold water. Russian photographer Andrew Osokin has done a phenomenal job of capturing such bizarre ice formations, you can explore hundreds more photos over in his LensArt profile.

Mark McNairy

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Mark McNairy

As his menswear line continues to expand season after season, it’s Mark McNairy’s shoe range that continues to push the boundaries of traditional design. In his latest reappropriated release, McNairy teams with English shoemaker Sanders & Sanders to release the Two Tone Long Wing Brogue with premium suede and camo ripstop. Part swag, part gentleman, this modern prep favorite offers a Ridgeway sole, leather lining, Goodyear welt, metal eyelets and New Amsterdam insole branding. Available in both green and grey, the Mark McNairy Two Tone Long Wing Brogue retails for £255 GBP (approximately $410 USD) and can be found at End.

Eske Rex Pintbal art!

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Eske Rex

From the pendulum-based drawing machine by Eske Rex to the art of Tim Knowles who attaches writing implements to trees, I love when the seemingly random lines of chaos (or maybe just physics) are rendered visible using ink or pencil. This latest project titled STYN by Netherlands-based graduate student Sam van Doorn is no exception. Using modified parts from an old pinball machine van Doorn created a one-of-a-kind drawing device that utilizes standard flippers to control a ink-covered sphere that moves across a temporary poster placed on the game surface. He suggets that skill then becomes a factor, as the better you are at pinball the more complex the drawing becomes. See much more on his website, here. My drawing would have a single line that goes between the flippers and then have TILT written all over it

Blaken Submariner

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Blaken have revealed a beautiful new timepiece in the form of the Deepsea by André Borchers model. The Rolex customizers work with the classic Deepsea siver’s watch, giving it a jet black finish while the dial is filled with busy, comic-style graphics. Only 7 watches have been produced, with each one coming in a Blaken Outdoorbox with custom engraving and associated Blaken trappings.


Ehh i mean this is fucking ugly!

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Justin Gershenson-Gates

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Justin Gershenson-Gates

Chicago-based jeweler Justin Gershenson-Gates recently grew a bit tired of creating jewelry after a show this summer and while experimenting with some watch part anatomy he decided to try his hand at spider and insect legs. One thing led to another a new series of small sculptural arthropods and insects was born. Justin tells me via email that each piece takes several hours to make and being unable to leave things unfinished he generally makes an entire new creature in one sitting, a monumental feat considering the scorpions can take an entire 12-hour work session as the watch springs, stems, gears and straps are assembled and soldered together (nothing is glued). I love the idea of the tiny light bulb for the spider abdomens.

If you’d like to see these crawly pieces up-close, you can see a few at the Bucktown Holiday Art Show December 8th and 9th, and you can also pick up some of the spiders on Etsy, at least for the moment. Tons more photos on Facebook.

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Boguslaw Strempel

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Boguslaw Strempel

In that brief window of time when the foggy remnants of night clash with the rays of early morning sun, photographer Boguslaw Strempel positions himself atop high mountain peaks to capture these beautiful landscapes around Poland and the Czech Republic. See many more photos here.

WINNAAR SJP Jong Talent Pitch!

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Winnaar SJP pitch jong talent!

Steeds minder jongeren kiezen tegenwoordig voor een vak waar ze met hun handen moeten werken. Het kappersvak is hier 1 van. Hier door dreigen grote tekorten in de kappers industrie. Wij gaan daar een campagne voor voeren om jongeren meer te informeren/enthousiasmeren voor het kappersvak.
Kapsels zijn een van de herkenbare factoren van een tijdsbeeld. We gaan terug de geschiedenis in en laten diverse iconen zien met kapsels die voor trends hebben gezorgd. Dit kunnen de krullen van de griekse godinnen zijn tot aan de punk kapsel van de jaren 70.
Hoe gaan we dan dan doen?
De campagne wordt gevoerd met als heading: Welke geschiedenis ga jij knippen? We willen de (potentiele) nieuwe generatie kappers het gevoel geven dat het vak uniek is en niet mag vergrijzen. Als kapper kan je geschiedenis schrijven.. knippen!

Bij de hoofddoelgroep op middelbare scholen hangen we de posters op waar diverse iconen op staan met uiteraard de kapsel van dat tijdsbeeld. Als adaptie daarvan zullen we ook compilatie posters ophangen waar alle iconen bij 1 staan.

Via de posters verwijzen we naar de website waar we het concept in een simpele tijdlijn weergeven. Over elk bekend persoon is er een stukje informatie te vinden, wie het is en belangrijk wat zijn/haar haarstijl was. Er wordt natuurlijk ook informatie vermeld over de diverse opleidingsmogelijkheden en de open dagen.


Additionele activatie middelen

Outdoor campagne

Pruikendag op diverse middelbare scholen

Van de 32 inzendingen naar de 11 voor de presentatie naar de laatste 4 genomineerden voor de begeerde Magneet.

En daar deden we het allemaal voor!

En dan sta je in ene op het podium met je team maatje als winnaar!

Na lang vlammen is dit de kroon op ons werk!

Voorpagina Metro


Waarom heeft de jury eigenlijk voor ons gekozen?

Yes yes yes!!!

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Hoe gruwelijk lekker is deze dan!?!?!?!?!

Jack boat

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